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Oahu North Shore Boat Tours: See it Best With Us.

Choose Your North Shore Boat Tour

 Duration: 1+ Hour
Ages: 3+
See Sharks, sea turtles, whales & dolphins.

1+ Hour Shark Adventure Tour
Individual, Group or Family

View marine life and ride the waves on a North Shore tour. Over one-hour sight-seeing tour on crystal-clear waters to watch dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, and whales. Ride big waves and feel the ocean’s power at world-renowned surfing destinations.

Duration: 1+ Hour
Ages: 3+
Feel the Power of the Pacific

Big Wave Tour

Going on one of our big wave tours is one of the most exciting things you can do in Oahu. Our safe, powerful Zodiac boat will keep you dry and secure as you feel the swells in one of the world’s legendary surfing spots. If you want an Oahu adventure tour that’s all action, come with us and ride the big waves.

 Duration: 1+ Hour
Ages: 3+
Colorful Skies, Marine Life, Waves

North Shore Sunset Cruise

Take a sunset boat cruise of the North Shore as the sun sets over the Pacific. You’ll see gorgeous colorful skies, enjoy one of the sunset cruises Oahu is famous for, and it’s a prime time to watch whales, depending on the time of year. The sunset waves are spectacular, and it’s a beautiful time of the day on the water.

 Duration: 1+ Hour
Ages: 3+
December through April

Oahu Whale Watching Tour

Everyone in your family or group, nature lovers or not, will be impressed and excited about one of our North Shore whale watching tours. Hawaii has some of the world’s best whale-watching, and if you’re visiting at the right time of the year, it’s incredible. Enjoy an up-close view you’ll only have with us.

Oahu Boat Tours Give You Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

Touring the North Shore by boat has been so much fun. When you join one of our adventure tours, you’ll see all the natural beauty the Oahu shoreline offers in an intimate setting that cannot be matched by other tour boat companies. It’s an adventure of a lifetime in a Hawaiian paradise that you won’t find anywhere else on Earth. Join us today.

Banzai Adventures, North Shore, Oahu

We’re a family-owned and operated North Shore boat tour company that knows how to give an exciting North Shore adventure. We’ll show you everything that the Oahu’s North Shore has to offer, especially its diverse marine wildlife. Our family consists of Saya, Jared, and young Kaira. We provide Oahu adventure tours that you and your family won’t soon forget.

Family-Friendly boat tours oahu. North Shore boat tour on Oahu. Perfect for whale, shark, and Dolphin spotting in Hawaii.

Why is Banzai the Best Oahu Adventure Tour?

Tour in Comfort and See More

When you board our 24-foot Zodiac Boat named Banzai, you’ll see all the North Shore of Oahu has to offer in a one-hour adventure tour. In addition to the coastline views and beautiful Waimea Valley, our guests regularly see turtles, sharks, whales, dolphins, birds, and all kinds of tropical fish. Our tours offer a fun, safe, comfortable way to see a lot in a short period. We’re the best way for families to go sightseeing in Hawaii.

An Adventure for Everyone

Whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or evening, there’s never a bad time of day to tour Oahu’s North Shore. Our ocean adventures are perfect for the first-timer or experienced boater, and guests won’t need to worry about smelling anything but the fresh ocean air; our outboard motors are clean burning. Despite the speed of our adventure tours, you won’t get wet. Just bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, and, of course, your camera, and enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor. 66-105 Haleiwa Road Haleiwa HI 96712

What to bring?

GoPro/Camera/Phone for pictures-Highly recommended to apply sunscreen and take sea-sickness countermeasure before your trip

Do you provide transportation?


Is parking free

Yes, You can park at Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor.

Oahu dolphin spotting boat tour on the Northshore.

Meet Us at Haleiwa Harbor

There’s plenty of parking, and we’re easy to find at Haleiwa Harbor. No other North Shore boat tour matches what you’ll see with Banzai Adventures. Our experienced boat captains know Oahu’s North Shore better than anyone else, and we’ll take you to the most scenic spots and best places to view marine life. The advanced design of our Zodiac watercraft will help keep you dry and make your boat tour of the North Shore of Oahu secure and comfortable. If you want a big wave adventure, we’ll take you out to feel the swells and ride the surf in one of the most beautiful locations you’ll find anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands.

We’re a Family-Owned Adventure Tour Company

Whatever your family or group’s interests, count on us to take you on the most exciting and interesting boat tour of Oahu’s North Shore. We’re kid-friendly, and with us, you’ll see big-time marine life up close, ride the waves, experience the sunset, or see any of the sights you request on a private tour. When you step off our boat, you’ll have enjoyed an exceptional experience unlike any other.

Explore the Beauty of Oahu's North Shore

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